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We promote and support Japanese premium foods and ingredients to the world.
Japanese food plays an important role in the Japanese culture.
Japanese food can make life happy and healthy.
It can reach out to everyone.

Characteristics of Japanese food bind Mother Nature with the peak essence of each season.
The simplicity and aesthetic beauty of Japanese food has nurtured the Japanese civilization for thousands of years.

The Japanese Food and Culture Association is a organization geared towards spreading the word about Japanese food culture,
its potential health benefits, and the quality and availability in the United States.
To increase awareness of Japanese food and culture in the United States we organize events,
such as the Japanese Food & Sake Festival.

We proudly represent the interests of our members and those individuals
and entities who contribute directly or indirectly to Japanese food culture in the United States.

What does JFCA do?

Japanese food isn’t just “Sushi”

There’s so much more to it.

Our goal is to increase more

knowledge of the Japanese food culture.


It's easy to show a photo or tell you how good Japanese food is, but we want you to experience it with your eyes, nose, ears and of course your mouth!!

Japanese Food Festival

Once a year we have a big festival for you to experience  Japanese food culture. The next event is on March 2-3, 2018.  Learn more…


We love Japanese food and we just can't keep it to ourselves! Sushi, Ramen, Matcha,,, You name it!


We weekly update what we love about Japanese food and ingredients and what kind of restaurants are trending in Japan & Los Angeles. Check our posts…


Looking to enter the USA market from Japan? Or Looking for cool products to sell? We are your guy!


Our mission is to spread Japanese food culture to the world and we would love to  support any companies who is abroad with us! Check events…

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JFCA [IRS 501c(6)] is a non-profit organization.
Help us spreadJapanese Food Culture to the world!
For donations please contact us through
Email: info@jfcausa.org
or use this contact form >
Thank you!