Chef Andy Matsuda

JFCA is an Non Profit Association founded by the board members with different special back grounds.
Having these members specialized in different fields is a big advantage for us and it is one of many reasons why we are good at what we do.

Our Director and Chief of Promotion,
Chef Andy Matsuda CEO of Sushi Chef Institute.

Chef Andy Matsuda ( Became a member of JFCA in 2014 ) has over 35 years of cooking experience, along with 15 years of instructing experience.
He also has been building relationships with French culinary school of La Cordon blue, Napa CIA, Mission College
and CCA of Manila Philippine. He now became Culinary Council Exclusive Chef at Holland America Cruise Line in 2018 .

His goal is to share the traditional knowledge, skills and techniques of sushi and Japanese cuisine along with
supporting many Japanese food companies to promote to the world.
Sushi Chef Institute started in the heart of Los Angeles’s, Little Tokyo, in 2002. In the beginning of 2011,
Sushi Chef Institute moved its location to Torrance, California. With over 1,500 students, from nationwide of US and over 35 counties.
Chef Andy continues to educate those that have a passion for sushi, Japanese cuisine, and the Japanese culture.

Along with instructing students, Chef Andy educates the public about sushi, the Japanese culture and tradition.
He works with the Los Angeles County public libraries, and over 50 Japanese community food & culture events each year.

Sushi Chef Institute is sponsored by: Takaokaya, Marukan, Mizkan, Marukome, Miyako Food, Fuji Natural Foods,  and other companies over many years.

He joined the JFCA board member in 2014. Ever since he has been supporting operations, new menu developments,
and advising for Japanese ingredients to American markets.

Sushi Chef Institute not only educates people about Japanese cooking but also specializes in catering, sushi work shops,
internships to Japan, restaurant consulting and so on! Give them a call if you need any assistance.

Sushi Chef Institute

Tel: +1-310-782-8483


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