December’s “SHUN” Soba

Hi, Japanese Foodies!

In Japan, each season is a huge part of Japanese food culture.
The food we eat reminds us of the season we’re currently in.

Thanks to the advancement of agriculture around the world, ingredients are plentiful all year round.

In Japan, “in season”, “旬(Shun)”is a very important concept, which can be seen anywhere you go.
You’ll see “limited time only” posters and seasonal special menus from fast food stores and high-end restaurants that serve season specific dishes.

So what’s the “Shun” in December??


Soba (Buckwheat noodle)

Soba is one of the famous traditional Japanese food, next to sushi and tempura.
Sometimes it’s even called Japanese noodles.


Soba it’s self is very simple, with just noodles and Tsuyu(the soup you eat it with).
The interesting thing about soba is it’s different wherever you go.

Just like pizza in the U.S.
New York’s pizza is thin, Chicago’s pizza is thick,
and Hawaii’s pizza has some pineapple on it.

The toppings, the Tsuyu, and the ingredients are different within Japan.

You can have Soba, any time now, but December is it’s Shun!
What time is better to eat soba than 12/31?

Japanese eat soba on the 12/31 as dinner or when it’s close to strike of mid night.
This tradition is called Toshikoshi Soba.


This tradition started in Edo era.
It came from when you eat soba noodles, it will cut off easily than other noodles.
So if you ate soba on he last day of the year,
you will be able to cut off the bad luck and leave it in the previous year.

Now you know what to eat on the 12/31!