Get lost in a Bamboo Forest at Houkokuji

Hi Japanese Foodies,

Tokyo is one of my favorite cities in the world,
but whenever I need to get away from the city I come to Kamakura.

It is about a hour long train ride from the city,
which is perfect for a day trip.

Kamakura is known for a lot of places.

The Great Buddha of Kamakura

Hydrangea (Ajisai in Japanese) that blooms in June


Enoshima Beach

My favorite place out of all the spots is…


Once you go through the entrance,
nature and the cool breeze will make you
stop and absorb the beauty around you.

There are two reasons why this temple is so special.

The first reason is the bamboo forest that covers the whole hill.

When you’re in the city (especially Tokyo) you become so busy
and occupied about your final destination
you forget to stop and enjoy your surroudings.

I don’t know what it is about this bamboo forest,
but you’ll find yourself walking slowly as you can,
staring at the bamboos that are
too high you can”t even see the top.

Right about when you think you might be lost,
there is small house with the second reason waiting for you.

What is better then a cup of Matcha?

A cup of Matcha in the middle of the bamboo forest!

There is a saying in Japanese

花より団子 ”Hana yori dango”
(Dumplings rather than flowers)

It means to prefer sweets(something useful)
instead of an flower(decorative items).

However at Houkokuji you get to enjoy both!

Don”t forget the little sweets,
it makes the bitter Matcha taste better 🙂


2-7-4 Jomyoji, Kamakura,
Kanagawa Prefecture 248-0003, Japan

Enterance Fee: ¥200
Matcha: ¥500

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