Japanese Seasoning: Sa Si Su Se So

Hi Japanese Foodies!

Japanese food is all about seasoning.
Seasoning your ingredients compliments and strengthens the flavor of the overall dish.

Seasoning is all about the “Sa Si Su Se So

This “Sa Si Su Se So” is the basic seasoning rule in Japan.
If you manage to follow this rule, cooking Japanese food will become a piece of cake!

“Sa” is Sato (sugar)

“Si” is Sio (salt)

“Su” is Su (vinegar)

“Se” is Seuyu (Shoyu) (soy sauce)

“So” is miso (soybean paste)

This is the general order you’ll use to season your ingredients.
The sugar and salt easily soak into the ingredients,
which allows the salt to extract water and the sugar to penetrate inside the ingredient.

Vinegar, soy sauce and soybean paste is used for sourness and for general flavoring.
However, if you cook these three for too long, the sourness and flavor will eventually fade away.
Therefore, these three are considered to be used for the latter half of the cooking process.

Keep this in mind while you cook and you’re one step closer to becoming a Japanese Food Chef!