KIKKOMAN’s New Soy Sauce

Hi Japanese Foodies,

Kikkoman, the king of soy sauce!
They recently introduced a brand new soy sauce just for you.

Doubled Fermented Soy Sauce.

This soy sauce is brewed by replacing the brine with more soy sauce.
Replacing the salt water during the brewing process
with additional soy sauce creates a one-of-a-kind product.

Using the double fermentation process gives this soy sauce a
rich and full flavor with a wonderful aroma.


It goes perfect with Sashimi and Sushi.

The unique, double-layered bottle is designed
to keep the soy sauce fresh at room temperature.
With an easy-to-pour dispenser, you can pour just the right amount.

They brew this special soy sauce only in Japan.
So the next time you see it at a store, you’ll know it came all the way from Japan.

Let us know what you think!