Hi Japanese Foodies!

If you now me, I LOVE kawaii food!!

Right now, it feels like summer in Los Angeles
but winter should be right around the corner.

In winter, I crave Nabe! (Japanese hot pot)
It’s easy, yummy, and fun to eat with friends and family.

However, in Japan, there’s a Nabe trend that I wanted to share.



How cute is this bear surrounded by all these meat and veggies.
So, I looked more into Nabe Art and look what I found!


The main structure of the art is made by Daikonoroshi (Grated Japanese Radish)
Nabe Art is also called Daikonoroshi Art for this reason.
They even have a book about it!

Out of all the wonderful creations, this one is my favorite.


I’m adding a Nabe party to my winter to-do list!
Enjoy 🙂