New Years Tradition

Hi Japanese Foodies!

Today I wanted to share some of the Japanese food related traditions on New Years.

Toshikoshi Soba


Toshikoshi soba is a dish we eat on 12/31 as dinner or when it’s close to strike of mid night.
This tradition started in Edo era.
It came from when you eat soba noodles, it will cut off easily than other noodles.
So if you ate soba on he last day of the year,
you will be able to cut off the bad luck and leave it in the previous year.


It’s a special bento box filled with all kind of dishes.
It was originally offered to God to celebrate the new year.
These days it is more common for families to gather and eat together to celebrate.

There’s normally 5 layers to the box and each layer has a meaning and rules.
In the 1st layer theres small and sweet dishes that goes good with sake to celebrate.
The 2nd layer we fill it with grilled dishes seafood for luck.
The 3rd layer is more for ingredients from the land to wish the family’s bond.
The fourth is for pickled vegetables and seafood.
And last the fifth layer we keep it empty so we can put the luck in.

Each ingredient has a meaning to wish luck to bring in the new year too.


Kagamimochi is a mochi a slightly bigger mochi.
It is a decoration that we offer to God for the new year.
The roundness of the mochi represents a mirror and our souls.

Food has always been apart of our culture and the more you learn about it,
you understand and appreciate the traditions.
Now days it might not be for the right reasons,
but new year traditions it always involves family.
No matter where you are you go back home for the new year.
These tradition is definitely one of the reasons that makes me proud to be Japanese.