November’s “SHUN” Yuzu

Hi, Japanese Foodies!

In Japan, each season is a huge part of Japanese food culture.
The food we eat reminds us of the season we’re currently in.

Thanks to the advancement of agriculture around the world, ingredients are plentiful all year round.

In Japan, “in season”, “旬(Shun)”is a very important concept, which can be seen anywhere you go.
You’ll see “limited time only” posters and seasonal special menus from fast food stores and high-end restaurants that serve season specific dishes.

So what’s the “Shun” in November?


It’s not a lemon or an orange.
This is Yuzu.
Yuzu has super sour and tart flavor.
So, we usually uses it’s zest and juice.

These are some of our favorite products,
that you can find around Los Angeles.

Trader Joe’s
Yuzu Hot Sauce

shake it on this and that!
It could be the next sriracha sauce,
You can’t live without.

Sarari Yuzu Sake

With Ice or mix it with tonic and you got yourself a nice cocktail.


Taekwan Co., Ltd.
Yuzu Tea (citron tea)

Mix a spoon full of this yuzu cha and a cup full of hot water.
Perfect for cold mornings when you need something
to look forward to leave your bed!

When life gives you yuzus,
you just put them in everything!