October’s “SHUN” Kabocha

Hi, Japanese Foodies!

In Japan, each season is a huge part of Japanese food culture.
The food we eat reminds us of the season we’re currently in.

Thanks to the advancement of agriculture around the world, ingredients are plentiful all year round.

In Japan, “in season”, “旬(Shun)”is a very important concept, which can be seen anywhere you go.
You’ll see “limited time only” posters and seasonal special menus from fast food stores and high-end restaurants that serve season specific dishes.

So what’s the “Shun” in October??


Meet Japanese Pumpkin, aka Kabocha.


The sweetness and the velvety texture is more similar to a sweet potato.

When you think of pumpkin, I think of pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice latte, sweet things.
However in Japan even though the sweetness, Kabocha is used for savory dishes.
Soup, Stew, Tempura, and so on.

One of my favorite dishes that my grandma will always make was simple “Nimono”


The ingredients are so simple, but it is always hard to recreate my grandma’s recipe.

Kabocha is filled with vitamins and minerals to fight of the flue virus.
Let’s eat more Kabocha, and stay warm for the winter!