Tempra Meshi at Kaneko Hannosuke

Hi, Foodies!

How do you eat your tempura?
With Udon? Soba? Or on rice?

(For those of you who don’t know what tempura is,
it’s a battered and deep-fried vegetable and seafood dish)

Have you ever imagined eating tempura as an entree?
Well, I have and it was amazing.

The last time I was in Tokyo, Japan I was walking around Nihonbashi
and found this long line outside a small restaurant called
“Tempura Meshi Kaneko Hannosuke”

Seeing all these people waiting anxiously made me curious.
It was around lunch time so I decided to try this “Tempura Meshi”

After a hour it was my turn.
The restaurant has only 13 counter seats which face the chef and kitchen.

The waitress came to take my order while I was outside.
You can choose from three main sets:
1) Tempura Meshi (¥950)
2) Anago Tempura Meshi (¥1380) (Basic set + Conger Eel)
3) Ebi Tempura Meshi (¥1380) (Basic set + Shrimp)

I ordered the basic Tempura Meshi.

They immediately brought out rice and miso soup once I sat down.
…yes, they brought out the rice before the tempura.

At this point, I realized that Tempura Meshi is nothing like Tendon.
I was about to have Tempura as a main dish for the first time.

Also, there is three types of side dishes on the counter which is
included in the lunch set.

As you anxiously wait for your tempura, you can see and hear the chef frying various ingredients in the hot oil.
After three long minutes, my tempura finally arrived.

Shrimp, Maitake mushroom, Green pepper, Squid mix, and a Soft boiled egg.

The crunchy texture of the lightly battered vegetable, egg and seafood were perfect.

For the soft boiled egg, they recommend to place it on top of your rice
and pour soy sauce over it.
As I was enjoying my egg tempura,
the waitress brought more tempura straight out of the hot oil!

+ Chicken, eggplant, Pumpkin, Sand fish
A total of 9!

My favorite was definitely the soft boiled egg.
I’ve never had something so delicate, savory and delicious before.

After consuming everything, I told the waitress,
“I don’t know anywhere in Los Angeles that serves tempura better than this place.”

Turns out they have two locations in LA!
You can check them out at the locations below:

Hannosuke Santa Monica
MITSUWA MARKET 3760 S Centinela Ave Los Angeles, CA 90066
Mon-Sun 11:00~9:00 (8:30 last)

Hannosuke Torrance
MITSUWA MARKET 21515 S Western Avenue Torrance,CA 90501
Mon-Sun 11:00~9:00 (8:30 last)

Both locations serve this Tempura Meshi style as well as the the Tendon style.

However, if you’re a planning a trip to Tokyo, I strongly recommend visiting this restaurant.
It’s an authentic Japanese restaurant that has been specializing in tempura for a very long time.

Nihonbashi Tempura Meshi Kaneko Hannosuke

Address: 1-4-3 Nihonbashi-Honcho, Chuoh-ku, Tokyo, JP
Tell: 03-6262-3734
Opening hours: Mon-Fri; 11:00-22:00 (21:30 Last call)
Sat-Sun,National holidays; 10:00-21:00 (20:30 Last call)